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Mooditude is a mental health platform that guides you to your happiness in a safe, supportive space with information, tools, and activities created by experts.

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You are not alone

Talking about mental health isn’t easy – it can bring uncomfortable feelings of shame, guilt, even embarrassment.

We understand. We’ve been there.

Mooditude — a mental health app, provides a safe space with tools to navigate concerns around loneliness, addiction, burnout, depression, impulsive behavior, and anything else you’re feeling — all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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Support is Only 3 Steps Away!

Whether you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed, or uncomfortable — don’t worry, support is only 3 steps away!


Understand what's really going on, and the severity of risk.

Personal Plan

We’ll provide a plan of action around your assessment results

Monitor Progress


Keep track of progress toward your goals and watch your growth

You deserve to be happy!


Mooditude is Evidence-Based and Industry Backed


Mooditude is based on M3 Checklist. The M3 Checklist is designed by experts with affiliations at the National Institute for Mental Health, Boston University, Columbia University, and Weill-Cornell Medicine, validated by researchers at the University of North Carolina, and published in the Annals of Family Medicine in 2010.

It effectively measures the “pulse” of your mental well-being, by surveying for common symptoms relating to depression, bipolar, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorders. Alcohol and substance use and social, school & work functioning are also assessed. The results provide a set of mental health vital signs that can be tracked over time to measure progress and to help secure a positive quality of life.

Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the gold standard of talk therapy. CBT helps you manage a range of mental health concerns by changing the way you think and behave in certain situations.

Mooditude — a mental health app, uses clinically developed CBT courses – combined with goals, routines, guided journaling, and mood tracking into a comprehensive solution based on your specific needs

Based on your assessment results — we’ll build a cohesive plan pulling from over 800 minutes of clinician-created activities and tools. From there – monitor your progress and connect with experts when you need extra guidance.

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Take Control of Your Mental Health with Mooditude

Mooditude Features
Mooditude Features: Tracking, Coping Activities, Community Forum
You deserve to be happy!


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Still, Have Questions?

Here are answers to some common questions. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ve designed Mooditude — mental health app, to help with mood disorders. Mooditude can help if you are feeling:

  • burnout,
  • sad,
  • anxious,
  • empty,
  • hopeless or helpless,
  • worthless,
  • excessively guilty,
  • losing interest in usual activities,
  • having suicidal thoughts,
  • having low self-esteem,
  • trouble sleeping,
  • having relationship problems,
  • decreased energy,
  • trouble concentrating,
  • change in appetite or weight, or
  • sensitive to failure and rejection.


So, sign up and start your wellbeing journey.

No. Mooditude is designed to be a self-help app. However, we work with pre-vetted mental health professionals and help you connect with a therapist for FREE.

Absolutely! Mooditude is an excellent companion to have by your side as you navigate therapy. You can track your progress and moods, journal, learn more about yourself, and share your success with your therapist!

There are over 800 minutes worth of activities within the app designed to aid your self-care and mental wellbeing journey. These include:

  • coping activities,
  • meditations,
  • journal prompts,
  • access to a community forum,
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) courses,
  • mood tracking, and
  • help with finding a therapist

You’ll be using Mooditude for inner thoughts and feelings, so we take privacy seriously. All your data stays on your device, and no one can read your posts. 

We ask for your name and email to create an account. We don’t sell or share this data. You can see our simple privacy policy here. 

Our mental health assessment is the result of multi-year studies. It is peer-reviewed and accepted by the industry.

We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for our activities. CBT is the gold standard of talk therapy and helps you change how you feel by changing how you think.

We use data science to craft a personal plan based on your lifestyle and actions within the app.

No. Mooditude is a self-care app. It doesn’t replace a professional clinician. We will even encourage you to get professional help based on your assessment results.

Your result depends on your commitment and following the program guidelines. However, the app will do its best to encourage you to make progress towards your happy. You can read hundreds of reviews on the App Store from customers who benefited from Mooditude.

Absolutely! Start your free trial by entering your credit card information when prompted. Don’t worry! Your card won’t be charged during the trial period.

Please note, the full assessment report is not assessable during the trial period.


According to a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit. That’s why we recommend a 3-month program. However, if this payment option is a problem, you can join a monthly plan.

All sales are final.

We offer a trial period, so you can test drive Mooditude before buying. You have to enter the credit card information to start the trial. However, we will not charge your credit card.

Find Your Way to Happy with Mooditude!