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Find new ways to manage your mental well-being.

8 min. read

As suggested by multiple surveys, New Year’s Resolutions are almost always unsuccessful. Isn’t it much better to invest your time and energy in bringing meaningful changes into your life through simple lifestyle and mindset changes for a better quality of life?

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Mental Health Test
Mental Disorder
12 min. read

A mental health screening or test is an assessment conducted by a professional to evaluate your emotional and psychological health status—this article highlight different available tests and how Mooditude uses them to create a self-care plan for you.

SMART Goals for Mental Health with Mooditude's Goals & Routines
11 min. read

Most of us have a vague idea of our happy life. However, we don't know how to get there. SMART Goal setting entails a conscious acknowledgment and identification of your goals and a meticulous strategy to make it easier to attain them. This post will share a simple tool to create achievable mental health goals using Mooditude's habit-building tools: Goals & Routines.

Therapy 101
7 min. read

It can be daunting beginning therapy and finding a therapist, especially during the pandemic with virtual sessions which may feel limiting. Learning about important characteristics to look for in a therapist as well as if teletherapy is right for you can help jumpstart your journey!

Mental Health Day - MTV
4 min. read

Maxwell Zorick, the Director of Social Impact at MTV Entertainment Group joins us for MTV’s first Mental Health Action day to discuss how MTV is pioneering mental health portrayal in media and how they plan to change the entertainment industry.

Mooditude for employees
3 min. read

Everyone is extra stressed this year, but those who are working from home or on the frontlines of the pandemic are extra stressed, balancing work, health and family obligations. Learn about an easy mental health solution for employees.

4 min. read

Mental health stigma has gone down over the years but is still one of many barriers to getting mental health support or services you need. The Mooditude app provides digital support and tools that will improve mental health and elevate your mood!