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Mood Tracking Apps to Improve Mental Health

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Mood Tracking with Mooditude
Mood tracking apps offer a way to record and analyze your mood with an easy process like Mood Journal. Always have your mood tracker with you on your phone with the Mooditude app.

“How are you feeling?” So many of our day-to-day conversations with family, friends, and co-workers begin with this question. It’s because everything you think and do is inspired by your mood and feelings. It impacts almost every aspect of your daily life. This includes your mental health-related decision-making and wellbeing.

Tracking your mood on paper or with a mood tracking app is a helpful habit that can lead to understanding yourself and your emotions better. Your mood changes often and is influenced by tons of outside factors. By learning and practicing mood tracking maybe by maintaining a mood journal, you will have more control over your life and mental health.

What is “Mood Tracking?

First of all, it’s important to know what a “MOOD” is. Moods are similar to emotions but are different in how long they last, their cause, and their intensity. Mood by definition is a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion. 

Mood tracking (also referred to as emotion tracking or a mood chart) is the practice of recording moods and analyzing results. It’s common to say when you’re in a good or bad mood, but tracking allows you to dive deeper into what emotions you’re experiencing and can link them to outside influences.

Why Mood-tracking is important?

best mood app why tracking feelings emotions situations mental health management
Mood-tracking in the Mooditude App

Mood tracking is important to know the current situation of your overall health. Mood tracking apps help in tracking your feelings and for better mental health management. Our moods often dictate how we think, what we do, and how we feel. Once you begin to track your moods, you get a picture of the severity and frequency of your moods.

With consistent mood-tracking, you might be able to avoid things and situations that have a negative impact on how you feel and instead seek situations that have a positive impact on your mood. Reflecting on your mood can help empower you to manage it more effectively.

Additionally, through mood tracking, you can monitor your mental health and recognize your triggers.  This knowledge helps you plan better for your future by understanding what is working and what isn’t, and by elevating your mood as you go through your day-to-day life. 

How to track your mood?

The most important part is not only to stick to your mood tracking but to also find ways you can do it consistently.  You can track using a journal, printable chart, or an app on your phone. An effective way to do so is by not only tracking your moods but also recording the situation and your thoughts around the situation you’re in. Below are some tools you can use to achieve your mood logging goals:

Mood Journal – A mood journal is a popular way to keep track of your mood and can offer you space to get creative with your charts. If you use a bullet journal, there is tons of inspiration on Pinterest, where users share their bullet journals and artistic tracking systems.  

Similarly, if you have an agenda you use daily throwing in a spot to track your mood with a mood journal might be a perfect option for you.

Printables – If you would rather borrow another person’s creativity, there are plenty of options for PDF’s that can be printed off and used to track mood. Pinterest users have free printables for mood and other tracking. Some printables are basic charts or graphs, and others are more fun with balloons symbolizing day and different color options depending on your mood. 

Phone Apps – Perhaps the easiest way for you to keep track and stick to the habit is with an app on your phone. Below are a few apps that offer mood tracking and more. 

1. Mooditude
Our app
offers not only the ability to track your mood but breaks down results and makes connections for you to follow through with actions.

2. Daylio
This app is not specific to mood tracking but offers a space to record your thoughts and emotions day in and day out. 

3. RealifeChange
With this app, you can record the type, intensity, impact, and location of your moods.

With the Mooditude mood tracker and other apps in the market, you are not only given the tools to track your mood but can set reminders to record and see the results in an easy-to-understand graph. Additionally, tracking your mood by maintaining a mood journal on the app will be an invaluable resource to share with your mental health provider so that they can more easily assess what’s going on for you and be in a capacity to help you better.

Mooditude not only makes it easy for you to track your mood, but it also gives you tools and guidance to elevate your mood. The more you use our colorful mood tracker interface, the more you begin to notice how certain situations trigger certain moods. It will boost your self-awareness, supporting you to adapt your day-to-day decisions.  So go on, download the Mooditude App for mood tracking today, and kick start yourself to better mental health! 

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